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Peter Van Buren: Silencing Whistleblowers Obama-Style — Supreme Court Edition?

Tomgram:  Peter Van Buren, The Next Battleground in the War on Whistleblowers By Peter Van Buren  TomDispatch.com  March 4, 2014 Read Tom Englelhardt’s introduction here. The Obama administration has just opened a new front in its ongoing war on whistleblowers. It’s taking its case against one man, former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Air Marshal Robert MacLean, all […]

Peter Van Buren> Welcome to Post-Constitution America

The war on whistleblowers is metastasizing into a war on the First Amendment. People may now be convicted based on secret testimony by unnamed persons. Military courts and jails can replace civilian ones. Justice can be twisted and tangled into an almost unrecognizable form and then used to send a young man to prison for decades. Claiming its actions […]

Peter Van Buren> Homeland Insecurity> Seven Years, Untold Dollars to Silence One Man

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, If the Government Does It, It’s “Legal” Posted by Peter Van Buren at 8:22am, May 9, 2013 Indefinite detention of the innocent and guilty alike, without any hope of charges, trial, or release: this is now the American way.  Most Americans, however, may not care to take that in, not even when the indefinitely […]

Peter Van Buren> Left Behind: What We Lost in Iraq and Washington, 2009-2012

Left Behind: What We Lost in Iraq and Washington, 2009-2012 09 April 2012    Peter Van Buren    TomDispatch via Truthout People ask the question in various ways, sometimes hesitantly, often via a long digression, but my answer is always the same: no regrets. In some 24 years of government service, I experienced my share of […]

Peter Van Buren> The Campaign Against Whistleblowers in Washington

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, In Washington, Fear the Silence, Not the Noise Posted by Peter Van Buren    February 09, 2012 One thing is obvious.  No one ever joins the government in order to be a whistleblower or leaker.  Whistleblowers are created, not born.  To offer an example, as Peter Van Buren is happy to […]

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, WikiLeaked at the State Department

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, WikiLeaked at the State Department Posted by Peter Van Buren at 9:37am, September 27, 2011   TomDispatch It’s hardly a secret at this late date that, while the Obama administration arrived in office promoting “a new standard of openness” in government, in practice it’s cast not sunshine, but a penumbra of gloom over the […]