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Peter Hart: Chuck Todd, Militarism and Media Diversity

…but when the country might be embarking on a new war (or just extending an old one), then you just have to bring on the TV generals. And those, it turns out, are mostly white guys. … it’s not hard to imagine a different kind of war coverage, one that speaks to regional experts, lawyers or […]

Peter Hart: Chelsea Manning Speaks — But Who Listened?

“According to a search of the Nexis news database, Manning’s op-ed received scant coverage. . . . In the abstract, journalists often profess a great deal of admiration for whistleblowers, and value the service such individuals provide to the news media. “ By Peter Hart  FAIR BLOG  June 18, 2014 US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning wrote a remarkable […]

Peter Hart: Leaving Beltway Journalism, Revealing Its Shortcomings

By Peter Hart  FAIR BLOG  March 04, 2014 Robert Kaiser (cc photo: Aspen Institute) Veteran journalist Robert Kaiser is leaving the Washington Post–and, for that matter, the city–and he wrote a farewell of sorts in the Post  (2/28/14). In it, he revealed one of his frustrations as a Beltway journalist: that the “rules” of elite journalism do not allow one to call […]

Video> FAIR TV: Bradley Manning, Afghan Atrocity, David Gregory’s Phony Gotcha

 fairreporting Published June 7, 2013

George Will & Theoretical Liberal Media Bias

George Will & Theoretical Liberal Media Bias By Peter Hart  March 18, 2013  FAIR.org  During a typically right-leaning roundtable discussion on ABC’s This Week (3/17/13), George Will said this about the big Conservative Political Action Conference: First, here’s the New York Times headline on the CPAC conference: “GOP Divisions Fester at Conservative Retreat.” Festering an infected wound, it’s awful. I guarantee, if there […]

Peter Hart> The Toll of Drone Wars…on U.S Pilots

The Toll of Drone Wars…on U.S Pilots Posted on 07/30/2012 by Peter Hart    FAIR.org There are plenty of worthwhile things media could try to tell us about U.S. drone wars. But does the world need another uncritical piece about the difficult life of a drone pilot? Apparently someone at the New York Times thought so, and so readers get […]

FAIR> Iran and the Threat of Not Having Future Wars

Iran and the Threat of Not Having Future Wars 02/03/2012 by Peter Hart  FAIR The conventional understanding you get from the media is that Israel is worried that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a serious threat to the country’s existence. Is that really what’s happening, though? Another interpretation is that Iran might want nuclear weapons […]

FAIR: Media Malpractice on the Debt Debate

Media Malpractice on the Debt Debate 07/15/2011 by Peter Hart  Fair.org    Fairness and Accuracy in Media The convention in mainstream journalism is that the new stories give you the facts, and the columnists give you their opinions (hopefully backed by facts). But in the coverage over the debt ceiling and budget debates sometimes you’re […]