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9/11| Breaking the Cycle: How to Build Sustainable Peace Using the Contact Theory

Article: Contact Theory works best when it is applied to youth and children’s peace building programs. The change in attitudes and beliefs, which happens in the formative stage of a young person’s life, creates the conditions necessary for youth to form lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Sustainable peace is rooted in relationships that maintain a sense of connectedness, trust, and the ability to communicate in a nonviolent manner.

Women War & Peace, coming up on PBS

Women War & Peace, coming up on PBS From Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 Twin Cities area, Minnesota <vfpchapter27@gmail.com> http://www.pbs.org/wnet/women-war-and-peace/ PBS is having a 5 part series on Women War & Peace, women's strategic role in conflict & peace building-from Columbia to Bosnia, Afghanistan to Liberia.  I wonder what they will say about the US!!!! More

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