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William Pfaff. The Obama Method: Combine Threats With Accommodation

From the start it has been difficult to interpret foreign policy as Barack Obama envisages it. The reason, so far as I can see, is that he has always been a man of American domestic affairs and of law, his profession. By William Pfaff  truthdig.com  Feb 25, 2014 White House/Pete Souza The Obama government has taken a Cold […]

Democracy Now! Five Years of the “Same Rhetoric” — Immigration… “A Silent Coup”: Jeremy Scahill & Bob Herbert on Corporate, Military Interests Shaping Obama’s SOTU

 democracynow Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise Up Times is also on Facebook! Check the Rise Up Times page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today. Find us on Twitter at Rise Up Times (@touchpeace). Rise Up Times is also on  Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr. RELATED STORIES Kathy Kelly on Afghan Humanitarian Crisis, Civilian Casualties and Drone […]

Mon., Feb. 3, Trial and Rally: Support Anti-Drone Protesters

Beale AFB, April, 2013   TRIAL DATE:  Monday, Feb. 3, 9:00 am     Occupy Beale AFB Anti-Drone Protestors to Put Drone Warfare on Trial  (Defendants:  Martha Hubert, Robin Ryan, Bill Doub and Toby Blome)   In April, 2013, 5 activists were arrested while attempting to deliver a letter to the Commander at Beale AFB during a nonviolent protest of drone warfare.  The letter […]

▶ Cornel West speaks at Drone Summit, “Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance”

Dr. Cornel West and Q and A with Medea and Dr. West Cornel West was a featured speaker at a summit on drones, “Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance.” He talked about the relationship between the military and Wall Street.  codepinkaction  Published on Nov 25, 2013 View Full Event (3 Programs) Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise […]

Fair: Drones and the Cult of Secrecy

Pretending a Name Is Still Secret — in the Name of the Cult of Secrecy By Jim Naureckas  November 28, 2013  Fair.org  The Pakistani political party PTI outs the CIA’s man in Pakistan. In retaliation for a US drone strike in Pakistan that allegedly targeted a religious school, killing six people, the Pakistani political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf accusedboth CIA […]

Drone strikes: tears in Congress as Pakistani family tells of mother’s death

Translator brought to tears by family’s plea as Congress hears from civilian victims of alleged US drone strike for the first time Karen McVeigh in New York  Tuesday 29 October 2013 15.24 EDT  theguardian.com Nabila Rehman, 9, holds up a picture she drew depicting the US drone strike on her Pakistan village which killed her grandmother. Photograph: […]

[Video] Ratner: US Drone Strikes Are War Crimes, Despite Human Groups Reluctancy to Blast Obama

Published on Oct 25, 2013 Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch label drone strikes as indiscriminate but don’t go as far as to label them as war crimes  TheRealNews Subscribe or “Follow” us on WAMMToday.org. For the TC EVENTS calendar and the ACTIONS AND ACTION ALERTS click on the tab at the top of the page and click on […]

Two Human Rights Groups Target U.S. Drone Policy as Illegal

Like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch called on the U.S. to offer more transparency and accountability into the drone strikes program, and open itself to investigations of possible violations of international law. Posted by Scott Martelle  Oct 22, 2013  truthdig.com Two notable human rights advocacy groups Tuesday took aim at the United States’ highly controversial—and possibly illegal—use of drones […]

Emmanuel Ortiz: Before I Start This Poem

“A time has come when silence is betrayal. That time is now.”  MLK  Before I Start This Poem by Emmanuel Ortiz Before I start this poem, I’d like to ask you to join me in a moment of silence in honour of those who died in the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon last September 11th. […]

Blowback: Pakistan Taliban Say Killing of Foreign Hikers Retaliation for US Drone Strikes

 “We want to convey to the world that this is our reply to US drone attacks.” Published on Monday, June 24, 2013 by Common Dreams Jon Queally, staff writer A spokesman for the Taliban movement in Pakistan on Monday publicly claimed the group’s responsibility for the killing of nine foreign hikers in the Himalayas over the weekend, saying […]

Jeremy Scahill & Noam Chomsky on Secret U.S. Dirty Wars From Yemen to Pakistan to Laos

Chomsky & Scahill discuss U.S. Dirty Wars.  menzaoooo Published on May 24, 2013 Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill and author Noam Chomsky recently sat down together at Harvard University to discuss Scahill’s groundbreaking new book, “Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield.” Amy Goodman hosted the discussion, which was sponsored by the Carr Center for Human Rights […]

Obama speech suggests possible expansion of drone killings | McClatchy

Nearly 4,000 people are estimated to have died in U.S. drone strikes since 2004, the vast majority if them conducted by the CIA in Pakistan’s tribal area bordering Afghanistan. A mechanic works on one of the Marine Corps’ two K-MAX unmanned helicopter sat Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The two drones are used for supply missions […]

DRONE WARS: How White Privilege Obscures Real Dialogue

“We are not here to proffer an analysis. We aren’t academics. We are here as a Pakistani and a Yemeni, as activists, as citizens of this country and as citizens of our homelands. We are dismayed. We are confused. But we are not hopeless.” By Noor Mir and Rooj Alwazir  Posted by Alli – Wed, Apr 24, 2013 […]

The World Is A Battlefield: Jeremy Scahill on “Dirty Wars” and Obama’s Expanding Drone Attacks

 democracynow Published on Apr 24, 2013 http://www.democracynow.org – As the Senate holds its first ever public hearing on drones and targeted killings, we turn the second part of our interview with Jeremy Scahill, author of the new book, “Dirty Wars: The World Is A Battlefield.” Scahill charts the expanding covert wars operated by the CIA and JSOC, […]

Misty Rowan> On Military Drones (and tearing them to pieces)

On Military Drones (and tearing them to pieces) By Misty Rowan It’s the arms race of the future, really, except this time Sputnik’s ganna be an unmanned plane. And if the vessel is unmanned, doesn’t that make the killing automatically inhumane? It’s odd to me to think that when I’m voting with my dollar, I […]

TBIJ> Latest Casualty Estimates, Drone Strikes

Casualty Estimates   The Bureau of Investigative Journalism CIA Drone Strikes in Pakistan 2004–2013 Total US strikes: 366 Obama strikes: 314  Total reported killed: 2,537-3,581 Civilians reported killed: 411-884 Children reported killed: 168-197 Total reported injured: 1,174-1,465   US Covert Action in Yemen 2002–2013 Confirmed US drone strikes: 43-53 Total reported killed: 228-328  Civilians reported killed: 12-45  Children reported killed: 2  Reported injured: 62-144 Possible extra […]

Arundhati Roy> Iraq War’s 10th: Bush May Be Gone, But “Psychosis” of U.S. Foreign Policy Prevails & A New Intifada in Kashmir?

Arundhati Roy> Iraq War’s 10th: Bush May Be Gone, But “Psychosis” of U.S. Foreign Policy Prevails & A New Intifada in Kashmir? A New Intifada in Kashmir? Arundhati Roy & Sanjay Kak on the World’s Most Densely Militarized Area Sanjay Kak,  New Delhi-based documentary filmmaker. His most recent film is Jashn-e-Azadi, or How We Celebrate Freedom. He is […]

LEAH BOLGER> Living Under Drones: A First-Person Report from the Peace Delegation to Pakistan

  LEAH BOLGER> Living Under Drones: A First-Person Report from the Peace Delegation to Pakistan Leah Bolger, current board member and previous national president of Veterans for Peace, will speak at the WAMM Annual Meeting, March 23, 2013 on “Living Under Drones.” Leah is a member of the Peace Caravan that went to Pakistan in October 2012 […]

Glenn Greenwald> Obama, the US and the Muslim world: the animosity deepens

Obama, the US and the Muslim world: the animosity deepens Another new poll, this one of Pakistan, shows: a central promise of Obama for improving US security is an utter failure Glenn Greenwald   Friday 15 February 2013  guardian.co.uk Pakistani protesters burn a representation of an American flag during a rally to condemn US drone attacks in […]

Sara Flounders> U.S. and Pakistan: Free Aafia!

U.S. and Pakistan: Free Aafia! In support of efforts to pressure the U.S. government to repatriate Dr. Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan, former U.S. Congressperson Cynthia McKinney and International Action Center Co-Director Sara Flounders traveled to Pakistan last December. Cynthia McKinney has been a courageous and outspoken opponent of U.S. wars at every step. The IAC […]