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Weiner: Psy-Ops on Congress?

Another possible take on Weiner:  Psy-Ops on Congress We were having coffee and wondering about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s recent unfortunate scenario as a sting operation. Congressman Weiner: 1) Becomes a most effective political “salesman” for Obama’s healthcare plan, 2) Becomes a target for discrediting by operatives who research the congressman’s vulnerabilities and try a sex […]

Letters to the Editor

WAMMToday has included here several unpublished Letters to the Editor from local activists and writers on current issues such as homophobia, torture and yes! generosity. Dear Editor, My husband and I are the proud grandparents of two wonderful boys, ages 16 and 11, who also happen to be good athletes and exceptional students.  They love and respect their parents because […]

WAMM Peace Troupe “Billionaires” at the Minnesota State Capitol

Today I went to a Tea Party rally to celebrate becoming a billionaire The WAMM Peace Troupe at the Capitol, as reported by Bjorn on the Daily Kos SAT MAY 07, 2011 Today I went to a Tea Party rally to celebrate becoming a billionaire by Bjorn in MN as reported in the Daily Kos […]

The “Billionaires” at the State Capitol: A Teachable Moment?

A Teachable Moment By Polly Mann It could have been a teachable moment  for forty or fifty elementary school students visiting  the Minnesota State Capitol, but unfortunately it died before it was born. Several of us from the Peace Troupe—an ad hoc group of WAMM─were the “Billionaires,” and we were expressing our views through dramatic […]

Change the Media, Change the World, Keynotes by Michael Copps, Amy Goodman, Bob McChesney, Mike Doyle, and others. plus some great music and stand-up humor by Elon James White

Michael Kopps:  Whatever your first issue is, your second needs to be the media . . . Josh Silver:  “We must be compassionate as we change hearts and minds . . .” Click on the link below and scroll down a bit to see and hear the keynotes.  After you get through the introductory music […]

Change the Media, Change the World: The National Conference on Media Reform

Change the Media, Change the World:  The National Conference on Media Reform Impressions and Comments by Sue Ann Martinson What happens when 2500 media mavens who are organizers, techies, professors, students, high school teachers, activists, citizen journalists, and media advocates of all stripes get together?  That’s what happened the weekend of April 8-10, 2011 in […]


STOP ATTACKS ON MINNESOTA WORKING PEOPLE AND OUR PUBLIC SERVICES! Billionaires like the Koch brothers have secretly funded and scripted the new Tea Party leaders to aggressively push through a shocking corporate agenda. PROTEST at the MN Capitol with Your Signs! Mon. March 21, 1-3pm, rm. 123 & Hallways (SF812 is at the end of the […]

Billionaires For Governor Walker

Our billionaire friends rallied in support of Wisconsin (or as the protesters in Hudson WI said, WisKochsin) governor Walker. All turns were twisted and all puns pulled.

Local Women Stand Up on International Women’s Day

Uploaded by UpTakeVideo on Mar 12, 2011 Minneapolis, MN, Waite House, March 8, 2011, the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, sponsored by Freedom Road Socialist Organization. In 1908, women, mainly from the garment industry, came together in New York City’s Rutgers Square to demand a strong union in the needle trades and the right to vote. […]

Iraq Veterans Against the War calls on all veterans and peace organizations to mobilize to Madison, Wisconsin on March 19th

From J. Michael Orange Let our fellow VFP members know that Cynthia and I are here in Madison (got here last night). We’ve been marching, singing, and shouting for 5 hours already today. The energy here is electric! This IS what Democracy looks like! I’m especially impressed by the dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity of the youth […]

The Real Issues in Wisconsin by George Lakoff

Even Progressives are not totally recognizing the real issues in Wisconsin. Powerful analysis. http://readersupportednews.org/off-site-opinion-section/63-63/5109-the-real-issues-in-wisconsin