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Ilan Pappe’s 10 Myths About Israel (Video | Book Review)

“…the key myth that Pappe challenges is the notion that Israel is a democracy.”

Ann Wright: Renowned World Leaders and Activists Say “Don’t Give Up!”

“If you take action, you can be a greater peace with yourself and your own conscience”  — Archbishop Desmond Tutu By Ann Wright (about the author)  OpEdNews.com  September 5, 2014   The Elders  (image by Ann Wright) The Elders are a group of leaders who were brought together in 2007 by Nelson Mandela to use their […]

Declaration of a Bantustan in Palestine> Al Jazeera

Declaration of a Bantustan in Palestine If the PLO’s UN statehood bid succeeds, it will lead to increased Israeli control, not real independence. Haidar Eid Last Modified: 13 Oct 2011 09:48   Al Jazeera English Israel has erected as many as 573 permanent barriers and checkpoints as well as 69 ‘flying checkpoints’  [EPA] The “induced euphoria” that […]