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Chris Hedges | The Mafia State

We will remove them from power or enter a new dark age.

Chris Hedges and Michael Hudson: The Global Economy Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme

We should add that under this predatory form of economics, you game the system. So you privatize pension funds, you force them into the stock market, an overinflated stock market. But because of the way companies go public, it’s the hedge fund managers who profit. And it’s those citizens whose retirement savings are tied to the stock market who lose.

Song> Occupy!

Occupy! Tune: Jingle Bells  Words by Jeff Nygaard Chorus: Occupy! Occupy! We won’t go away. We have spied the great big lie: That profits rule the day Occupy!  Occupy! in the USA We will try to share the pie in a much more equal way. We erect our tents, and we put up our signs […]

A Voice From The Valley> A letter to the 1 percent

A Voice From The Valley By Ricardo Levins Morales (about the author)   opednews.com  November 6, 2011                                    The one percent. Ricardo Levins Morlaes Hi there. I’m writing you from down here in the 99%. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. […]