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That’s the Challenge! by Bruce Gagnon

We need conversion, and conversion campaigners, to be organizing particularly in communities where manifestations of the military production system are located. By Bruce Gagnon  Organizing Notes  July 25, 2017 ‘That’s the Challenge’ In early July Roy Pingel and his son visited our house here in Bath.  Artist and housemate Brown Lethem lived in New York […]

U.S. Military World’s Largest Polluter – Hundreds Of Bases Gravely Contaminated

U.S. military bases, both domestic and foreign, consistently rank among some of the most polluted places in the world…

The Intercept: The Most Intriguing Spy Stories From 166 Internal NSA Reports

SIDtoday was launched just 11 days into the U.S. invasion of Iraq by a team within the NSA’s Signals Intelligence Directorate. SID is arguably the NSA’s most important division, responsible for spying on the agency’s targets

Ann Wright: Dangerous Military Buildup in Asia and Pacific

Wright: The Jeju Island naval base will be the homeport for ships that carry the U.S. Aegis missiles. Many on the island call it a U.S. naval base since it will be a key part of the U.S. “pivot” to Asia and the worldwide U.S. missile defense system. They believe that the naval base will be used as frequently by U.S. warships as by South Korean ships and submarines. With a naval base on Jeju Island, they believe that Jeju Island becomes a target should military hostilities break out in Asia and the Pacific.

Polly Mann: Japan—Can Pacifism Survive in the Pacific?

 Today the Japanese government does not specify an enemy when discussing its defense strategy but it makes no secret that it perceives China generally as a threat. By Polly Mann  WAMM Newsletter  Volume 32, Number 4, Fall I, 2014 On June 30, 2014, several thousand people in Tokyo protested against their government’s proposal to allow […]

Nygaard Notes #502> Okinawa and Campaign Madness

Nygaard Notes Independent Periodic News and Analysis Number 502, February 22, 2012 On the Web at http://www.nygaardnotes.org/ ****** This week: Okinawa, and Campaign Madness 1.  “Quote” of the Week:  “Talk of war has reached a strident pitch” 2.  Identifying the “True Views” in a Media Story 3.  Presidential Campaign Madness, Installment #1: “Meaningless” Becomes “Monumental” ****** 1. […]