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Chris Hedges: Capitalism’s Cult of Human Sacrifice

Hedges: Parras and those who live near him are among the hundreds of millions of human sacrifices that industrial capitalism demands. They are cursed from birth to endure poverty, disease, toxic contamination and, often, early death. They are forced to kneel like bound captives to be slain on the altar of capitalism in the name of progress. They have gone first. We are next.

Nafeez Ahmed: US Army report calls for ‘military support’ of Israeli energy grab

US military strategists are contemplating the threat of war to redraw the Middle East’s energy architecture around Israel Nafeez Ahmed   MiddleEastEye.net   January 1, 2015 A new report by the US Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute emphasises the need for “US security and military support” to its key allies in the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly Israel, More

The Crocodile and the Elephant: A Fable by Polly Mann

The Crocodile and the Elephant By Polly Mann In a stream close to shore a crocodile grunts to an elephant standing nearby, “A scrap of goat lies near your feet.” “Not a lot, but it hits the spot.” The elephant replies, in a tone quite snide “ Thanks, friend, but no to meat. Grasses and More

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