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An American Century of Carnage: Measuring Violence in a Single Superpower World

Creating a capacity for violence greater than the world has ever seen is costly — and remunerative.

Glenn Greenwald | Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit

The institutions and elite factions that have spent years mocking, maligning, and pillaging large portions of the population …are now shocked that their dictates and decrees go unheeded.

DN!: Obama to Make History with Hiroshima Visit, as U.S. Quietly Upgrades Nuclear Arsenal

Despite the administration’s call for the elimination of nuclear weapons, the United States is pursuing a 30-year, $1 trillion program to modernize its nuclear weapon arsenal by designing bombs with smaller payloads.

John Zangas: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Upgrade Protested in DC

There are more than 16,000 nuclear weapons worldwide and over 150 Minute Men III silos exist in farm fields across the heartland with hundreds more housed on Air Force bases.

In Policy Turnaround, US Will Attend Conference On Redirecting Nuclear Weapons Framework

Over 150 countries have participated in a series of high-level meetings lauded as the most significant movement on nuclear disarmament in decades – meetings from which the U.S. has remained notably absent. Now, Washington says it will participate. By Carey L. Biron  @clbtea | MintPressNews.com  November 10, 2014    Capt. Robby Modad closes the gate […]

E. Douglas Kihn: On Ending War

The evidence suggests there is no insurmountable human genetic predisposition to war, but human survival likely depends on assuring there be no more war. By E. Douglas Kihn Tuesday, 21 January 2014  Truthout.org | Op-Ed (Image: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: hansvandenberg30, The U.S. Army) Yogi Berra said it: “The future ain’t […]

Nick Turse> Nuclear Terror in the Middle East, Lethality Beyond the Pale

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Israel, Iran, and the Nuclear Freight Train “That the spread of nuclear weapons, whatever the country, is a danger to us all is obvious.  Who exactly will use such weapons next and where remains unknown.  But there is no reason to believe that, sooner or later, nuclear weapons — which have now […]

April Knutson> What is NATO?

What is NATO? by April Knutson [This article is the first of a series on NATO by WAMM and Antiwar Committee members, first presented at a forum on NATO on April 7, 2012.] The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is now the largest military alliance the world has ever known, but NATO began in 1949 […]