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A Dream Come True: Ed McCurdy’s 1950s Folk Song and the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact

“And the people in the streets below were dancing round and round…”

The People Who Made a Nuclear-Weapons-Prohibition Treaty Possible

The people behind the Nobel Peace Prize: ICAN – Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Play the Peace Doves Game

Rid the world of nuclear weapons! Play the Peace Doves Game The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Brought to you by NobelPrize.org. Media for the people!  Learn more about Rise Up Times and how to sustain People Supported News. Follow RiseUpTimes on Twitter RiseUpTimes @touchpeace No Peace! No Justice!  Please share this post. The contents of Rise […]

Jane Addams | Peace is not merely the absence of war . . .

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Mairead Maguire. Syria: An Open Letter to the American People

Mother Agnes will be speaking via Skype at 4200 Cedar Ave. So. in Minneapolis on Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 2:00 pm. Sponsored by the Middle East Committee of Women Against Military Madness. “Mother Agnes is bringing to America a universal message your country knows well. She presents it through the story of Syria. I […]

Tikkun: Q & A with Coleen Rowley, F.B.I. Whistleblower: Part One

By Timothy Villareal  January 3, 2014  Tikkun.org In 2002, then-F.B.I. agent Coleen Rowley appeared on the cover of Time magazine, along with two corporate whistleblowers, as Time’s Persons of the Year. Earlier in 2002, Rowley, then chief legal counsel in the F.B.I.’s Minneapolis bureau, gained headlines for writing a memo to F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller documenting […]

Global Progressive Community Reacts to Manning Sentence

35 year sentence proves US will ‘aggressively prosecute those who expose war crimes, and diligently protect those who commit them.’  Jon Queally, staff writer  Published on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by Common Dreams Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images ) Announcement of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s 35 year prison […]

David Swanson> A New Holiday Is Being Created for Peace

 On August 27th [there was a celebration] at the Kellogg House in St. Paul.  Meanwhile, in Illinois, an award ceremony is planned for the winners of the first annual essay contest dedicated to the question “How Can We Obey the Law Against War?”  But why shouldn’t there be celebrations everywhere? A petition that can be signed at rootsaction.org and used […]

David Swanson> Bradley Manning Wins Peace Prize

A petition supporting Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize has gathered 88,000 signatures, many of them with comments, and is aiming for 100,000 before delivering it to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo.  Anyone can sign and add their comments at ManningNobel.org David Swanson  July 19, 2013  TheRealNews.com By David Swanson. This article was first published on […]

David Swanson> NBC’s Celebrity Warriors: “They barely survived the first week!”

NBC’s Celebrity Warriors: “They barely survived the first week!” By David Swanson (about the author)   August 13, 2012 opednews.com Editor’s Note:  Of the many forms of Military Madness, this TV program is craziest, most blatant, and absurd in the annals of a long, long list! War is not a game. War is not fun! If you sat […]

Tomgram> Tom Engelhardt> Chase Madar, Legal Atrocities

Tomgram> Tom Engelhardt> Chase Madar, Legal Atrocities April 15, 2012    TomDispatch Chase Madar’s article,  What the Laws of War Allow> Do the WikiLeaks War Logs Reveal War Crimes> Or the Poverty of International Law?  is posted separately on WAMMToday. Of course, it wasn’t Barack Obama’s fault.  He didn’t nominate himself for the Nobel Peace Prize […]

Coleen Rowley> Petition: Investigate Betrayal of the Nobel Peace Prize

Please consider signing! Petition: Investigate Betrayal of the Nobel Peace Prize  The Nobel Prize Foundation and other Nobel Prize Awarding Institutions should be thanked for their century-long efforts to educate and hopefully bring about more peace in the world.  At the same time, however, these institutions must be made aware that their efforts are increasingly undermined, and […]

March 2> Iraqi Female Artists Coming to Minneapolis for Not About Bombs Artists’ Talk and Reception

Three Iraqi Female Artists Coming to Minneapolis for Not About Bombs Artists’ Talk and Reception on March 2 The Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) is pleased to announce that it will bring three Iraqi women artists from its Not About Bombs exhibit to Minneapolis for an Artists’ Talk and Reception onMarch 2, 2012. The three […]

Private Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Private Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize FEBRUARY 4, 2012 BY RHONDA WINTER ECOLocalizer  Although he remains locked away in a tiny prison cell, Private First Class Bradley Manning has just been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Manning is alleged to have released many documents to the international whistleblower site Wikileaks, including the horrific […]