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Josh Stearns> Photos of Journalist Abuse and Arrests at the NATO Summit

Photos of Journalist Abuse and Arrests at the NATO Summit by Josh Stearns  May 21, 2012   Storify I spent the weekend tracking reports of press suppression and journalist arrests in Chicago at the rallies, marches and protests surrounding the NATO summit. See more photos and videos here. Pic: photojournalist injured during today’s protests #NONATO http://pic.twitter.com/L7aZVieA  Amber Lyon  […]

Links to media> Chicago No NATO protests

Editor’s note:  This list contains some of the media that has come to WAMMToday’s attention, but by no means is intended to be comprehensive. Here is a link to the Chicago Tribune’s gallery of photos for the day.  They specialize in confrontation, and have very little about the pre-march activity or the march itself.  Jennie, […]

Tom Burke> 15,000 march against NATO in Chicago

15,000 march against NATO in Chicago By Tom Burke |  May 21, 2012    FightBackNews Carlos Montes, Los Angeles activist targeted by FBI repression, at Chicago anti-NATO protest. (Fight Back! News/Staff) The contingent against political repression lines up to march against NATO in Chicago. Chicago, IL – In the largest anti-war protest ever held in […]

Scott Thompson> Report-back from Chicago> Just how did that violence go

Scott Thompson> Report-Back From Chicago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl4u489rFeE&feature=youtu.be  By now, many of you have probably seen media accounts of a “clash” or (as one paper called it) a “bloody melee” between protesters and riot police at the NATO summit in Chicago. I’m in a position to clarify only some aspects of what really happened, because I was […]

Tom Morello sings Stray Bullets with IVAW amid No NATO rally

Tom Morello Walks Out Into Audience When Sound System Goes Out in Chicago  By CR – Posted on 21 May 2012     Justice Through Music MAY 21, 2012 – The top activist musician today, Tom Morello, was out in Chicago amongst the activists who were protesting NATO bombing and unnecessary wars, and was playing a concert when the sound […]

Video> Democracy Now!> Scott Olsen, U.S. Vet Who Nearly Lost Life at Occupy Protest, Brings Antiwar Message to NATO Summit

Published on May 21, 2012 by democracynow DemocracyNow.org – We’re joined at the NATO summit in Chicago by Scott Olsen, who survived two tours in Iraq but almost died when he was hit with a police projectile at an Occupy Oakland protest last year. Olsen returned four of his medals at Sunday’s antiwar march. When asked why he’s […]

Video> Democracy Now!> “No NATO, No War”: U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit

Published on May 21, 2012 by democracynow DemocracyNow.org – Democracy Now! broadcasts from Chicago, site of the largest NATO summit in the organization’s six-decade history. On Sunday, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as members of Afghans For Peace, led a peace march of thousands of people. Iraq Veterans Against the War held a ceremony […]

NATO/CANG8 on Democracy Now!> Carlos Montes, Aaron Hughes IVAW, other activists

NATO/CANG8 on Democracy Now!Carlos Montes, Aaron Hughes IVAW, other activists Cang8 mailing list [Videos added by WAMMToday] Friends – 3 headline stories on Democracy Now this morning about the protest in Chicago and the trial of Carlos Montes in Los Angeles.  Carlos will be speaking at the rally on Sunday, May 20 at Petrillo Band […]

JFP> Poll: Support for Afghan war at new low | Palestinians demand UN action on hunger strikers | VFP/NATO & more

Just Foreign Policy Daily Summary Just Foreign Policy News, May 9, 2012 Actions and Featured Articles Action: More than 1600 Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike. Where is the State Department? Ten have been hospitalized; at least two have been characterized as “near death.” The prisoners are protesting “administrative detention” – detention without charge – […]

Sarah Martin> The Rebirth of NATO/NATO Today> Dismembering Yugoslavia: Lies, Propaganda, & Deceit

The Rebirth of NATO/NATO Today> Dismembering Yugoslavia: Lies, Propaganda, & Deceit The Myth of Humanitarian Intervention [This article is the second of a series on NATO by WAMM and Antiwar Committee members, first presented at a forum on NATO on April 7, 2012.] In November of 1999 a new important movement against globalization emerged with […]

Managing Dissent in Chicago

Managing Dissent in Chicago As the G8/NATO summits approach, activists protest restrictive new rules–and prepare for the spotlight. BY JEREMY GANTZ     February 14, 2012     In These Times Police officers wear riot gear during a demonstration at the G8 summit held in Brunswick, Ga., in 2004. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom […]

Opposing NATO in Chicago May 19, 2012

Why Go to Opposing NATO in Chicago May 19, 2012? Uploaded by ChicagoClout on Jan 29, 2012 Many people are going to oppose NATO Summit in Chicago May 19, 2012. We made series of TV shows that will explain why folks are protesting the NATO G8 Summit. Occupy Chicago and others will attend the march that will leave […]