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Video: 7 months of bombing: NATO war in Libya>Interview with Sara Flounders>RT

[youtube] Uploaded by RussiaToday on Sep 29, 2011 Anti-Gaddafi fighters have taken control of the airport in the fugutive Colonel's hometown of Sirte, the last stronghold of his loyalists. Reinforcements have been called in ahead of a fresh assault, in the face of stiff resistance. Civilians continue to flee the violence in the besieged city, blaming NATO More

Power Politics, NATO, and the Libyan Intervention

Pompous Rhetoric and Realpolitik  Counterpunch Power Politics, NATO, and the Libyan Intervention by DAVID N. GIBBS     SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 The recent NATO intervention against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya has been a considerable source of contention among many on the left, with self-proclaimed progressives, most notably Juan Cole, openly supporting this military action. More

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