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Polly Mann: The Pentagon’s Foreign Aid

Counter-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen suggest that U.S. military assistance programs have created substantial blowback by exacerbating the central forces fueling insurgency and violence, thereby strengthening the enemies they are intended to combat.

Mattea Kramer: The Pentagon’s Phony Budget War

Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, Is the Pentagon Doomed — To Be Flush Forever Or How the U.S. Military Avoided Budget Cuts, Lied About Doing So, Then Asked for Billions More  By Mattea Kramer  TomDispatch.com  March 4, 2014 Read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction here. Washington is pushing the panic button, claiming austerity is hollowing out our armed forces and […]

Poster> Proposed FY2012 Discretionary Spending

An Interactive Tool> From the National Priorities Project> Could your tax dollars be better spent?

From the National Priorities Project> Could your tax dollars be better spent? Find out using our interactive Trade Offs tool. Select your state, town, county or congressional district and a program, and find out what else your tax dollars could provide. Here is a sample: Taxpayers in State of Minnesota will pay $2.0 billion for allocated […]

Richer & Poorer> Cost of Tax Cuts> the 1%> the 99%

Richer & Poorer from the National Priorities Project  Costoftaxcuts.com Click here to see the tables of comparison between the rich and poor in the U.S. How Tax Rates Work Among the tax provisions enacted by President Bush and extended by President Obama were reductions in the top marginal income tax rates, from 36 and 39 […]