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Cancel Culture: Chris Hedges with Dan Kovalik

Cancel culture individualist struggle is about white folks becoming less racist instead of working together for real social change.

Alexis Goldstein> Leaving Wall Street

Leaving Wall Street By Alexis Goldstein    Saturday, 05 May 2012 09:50, | Op-Ed   truthout (Photo: -sel / Flickr) When some people think about Wall Street, they conjure up images of traders shouting on the stock exchange, of bankers dining at five star restaurants, of CEOs whispering in the ears of captured Congress members. When I think about […]

The Crocodile and the Elephant: A Fable by Polly Mann

The Crocodile and the Elephant By Polly Mann In a stream close to shore a crocodile grunts to an elephant standing nearby, “A scrap of goat lies near your feet.” “Not a lot, but it hits the spot.” The elephant replies, in a tone quite snide “ Thanks, friend, but no to meat. Grasses and […]