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Freedom Rider: Fighting for Southern Human Rights by Margaret Kimberly

The South, where more than half of the Black U.S. population lives, has based its economic appeal on the stinginess of its social safety net, the relative poverty of its people, and the savagery of its criminal justice system. Capitalism truly turns morality upside down. By Margaret Kimberly  Black Agenda Report  December 14, 2016  Mississippi […]

Susu Jeffrey: The Hum of the Blood of the Earth [The Mississippi River Poem]

The Hum of the Blood of the Earth                                         after Pare Lorentz   By Susu Jeffrey   Water roaring over rocks in Dakotah, Min-ne-rah-rah                  the sound of the falls   discovered by Father Hennepin     whilst a prisoner       of native people                  hard limestone                  overlays                        sand                stone Big River […]

Lauren Rankin> Colorblindness is the New Racism

President Obama’s remarks were a candid reminder that racism continues to thrive, and in large part, due to our reluctance and inability to grapple with it. By Lauren Rankin  July 22, 2013  policymic.com On Friday, President Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States, delivered an unexpected and incredibly personal addition to the national conversation surrounding […]