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Video> NDAA is now law, Hope you don’t get Indefinitely Detained

Uploaded by roguemediaChannel on Feb 6, 2012 On Febuary 3rd 2012, a group of protesters from Occupy St. Paul and Minneapolis went to Obama’s campaign HQ in Minneapolis to let them know how they felt about the NDAA. This law that Obama signed into law on New Year’s Eve allows for anyone labeled as hostile to the state […]

Do you use the Twin City Greenway? Or even if you don’t. High power voltage lines are dangerous and an eyesore> Bury them!

ACTION ALERT: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Hearings on “Hiawatha Project” High Voltage Power Lines January 10th and January 12th, 2012  For the past several years, the Midtown Greenway Coalition has worked with an alliance of other neighborhood and community organizations to oppose the installation of high-voltage power lines in the Midtown Greenway Corridor.  See artist’s rendering […]

Occupy Homes> Will Taking the Fight to Foreclosed Houses Unleash More Police Violence?

Occupy Homes: Will Taking the Fight to Foreclosed Houses Unleash More Police Violence? Some worry that camping on private property may invite more extreme police attacks. November 23, 2011  |   AlterNet / By Tana Ganeva A couple of days after the Occupy Portland encampment was busted up by police, 15 occupiers took over a vacant, foreclosed home owned by […]

OccupyMN Wins Free Speech Battle With Hennepin County

Chalk up a victory for free speech at The People’s Plaza (also known as the Hennepin County Government Center). OccupyMN’s protest signs are back and Hennepin County workers have relented in their attempts to take them down. Overnight, County workers had taken taken down OccupyMN’s signs and moved the encampment’s tables, food and everything else […]

Crones Against Drones> WAMM Peace Troupe on the Mall

The WAMM Singers took their story to the Nicollet Mall Thursday, June 23, 2011. The song: Crones against drones is the message we’re saying We are all sick of these war games they’re playing! Trillions of dollars are wrapped up in war And we are told there’s no help for the poor! Chorus: When the […]

Free Peace Hugs Light Up The Mall | The UpTake

Did you get your free hug this week? Four women lit up Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis on International Day of Peace, September 21, 2011 with, “Hugs For Peace,” or high fives for those who preferred less bodily contact. Noon-time walkers on the Nicollet Mall are accustomed to being accosted with flyers, petitions, requests for interviews […]

Photos, Demonstration at Obama’s speech, American Legion

August 30, 2011   Obama speaks at the national American Legion convention, Minneapolis.