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Jamar Clark’s Killer Cops Identified Amid Growing Protests in Minneapolis

Levy-Pounds: Now, according to witnesses, they grabbed Jamar, one by each arm. The witnesses say that they placed him in handcuffs, and that one officer grabbed Jamar's head in a chokehold and brought him to the ground. They said the other officer then put his knee in Jamar's chest while he was on the ground. Meanwhile, the other officer stood over Jamar's body, and shot him once in the head at point-blank range.

May Day Minneapolis in Video and Picture

May Day Minneapolis in Video and Picture Here are just a few of the many videos and photos from May Day in Minneapolis.  Click here to watch the KSTP video Monday night in preparation for May Day. MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP)  Channel 5 OccupyMN protestors are expecting more people to turn out in support of the movement More

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