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Democracy Now! America’s #1 Weapons Salesman: Trump Promotes U.S. Arms Manufacturers & Weakens Export Rules

Reuters reveals that the new initiative will provide guidelines that could allow more countries to be granted faster deal approvals, and will call on Cabinet officials to help close deals between foreign governments and U.S. defense contractors.  https://youtu.be/1F_HG4jrWac Democracy Now! Published on Apr 18, 2018 https://democracynow.org - A new exposé by Reuters reveals how More

Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky Discuss Nuclear War

Chomsky: Page after page of the book contains graphic examples of --you can only call it--this kind of insanity and at one point describes the book as a chronicle of human madness, which captures the character of the era we have been living in very accurately. And we should bear in mind that this is only one of two existential threats, the other...is another dramatic illustration of human madness, the threat of global warming...

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