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Mnar Muhawesh: Don’t bash watchdogs in Syria’s ‘information war’

Muhawesh: To hear the mainstream media tell the story, if you are against U.S. intervention in foreign wars you must be pro-dictator. But when it comes to our supposed allies in the peace movement like Burke, shouldn’t we expect more than parroting establishment talking points?

America and Oil Declining Together? Tomgram: Michael Klare, Is Washington Out of Gas?

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Is Washington Out of Gas? Posted by Michael Klare at 9:27am, September 15, 2011.   Tom Dispatch Way back then, the signs out on the streets read: “No Blood for Oil,” “How did USA’s oil get under Iraq’s sand?” and “Don’t trade lives for oil!” Such homemade placards, carried by deluded antiwar protesters in enormous demonstrations […]