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The summit will focus on bringing together spiritual and environmental understandings in order to protect the water commons.

Susu Jeffrey> Coldwater: The new history

Coldwater: The new history “We begin history here in 1820,” John Anfinson said in a KFAI radio interview. By Susu Jeffrey  Southside Pride   September 2012 Chief of natural and cultural resources for the National Park Service (NPS), Anfinson is the architect of the Coldwater Park redux. In 1820, U.S. soldiers took possession of Coldwater Springs […]

Mendota Dakota and the Rebirth of a Community

This documentary film follows the story of the Mendota Dakota, a Native American tribe from Mendota, Minnesota, from pre-Minnesota to the present era. It includes interviews with Jim Anderson, Sharon Lennartson, Jim Albrecht and Doug LeClaire of the Mendota Dakota tribe. It also features a short speech from Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th generation Keeper […]