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Syria – a case study in propaganda, by Chris Kanthan

In a democracy, the most important but least understood tool is propaganda. Let me share with you the fundamentals of a successful propaganda campaign.

Mnar Muhawesh: ‘We Don’t Have A Mainstream Media, We Have A Very Extremist Media’

“For anybody that cares about press freedom or democracy, this should concern them,” said Muhawesh. “This has set a very dangerous precedent on our press freedom.”

Stephen Lendman> Unconscionable Media Warmongering

Unconscionable Media Warmongering By Stephen Lendman – Posted on 11 August 2012 warisacrime.org Washington needs media support to wage wars and plan new ones. Broadcast and print scoundrels oblige. Paid liars infest Western media. Managed news misinformation creates enemies. Fear is stoked. War is cheerled, glorified, and sanitized to suppress truths too grim to report.  Reasons for war […]

Glenn Greenwald> Leon Panetta: Macho Renaissance man

Leon Panetta: Macho Renaissance man The U.S. media becomes extra sycophantic when it comes to U.S. military leaders, as 60 Minutes showed last night. BY GLENN GREENWALD    Salon.com MONDAY, JUN 11, 2012 07:55 AM CDT Leon Panetta Of all the ways in which America’s establishment media lionizes political leaders, none is quite as sycophantic as […]

Glenn Greenwald> Media, drones and rank propaganda

Media, drones and rank propaganda As usual, the leading spokespeople for government policies are disguised as the nation’s Adversarial Watchdog Press BY GLENN GREENWALD     Salon.com FRIDAY, JUN 8, 2012 09:34 AM CDT  (Credit: Reuters)     (updated below – Update II) Several items today relate to the issue of gross U.S. media propaganda and Obama’s […]

Glenn Greenwald> Deliberate media propaganda

Deliberate media propaganda The media now knows that “militant” is a term of official propaganda, yet still use it for America’s drone victims BY GLENN GREENWALD    SATURDAY, JUN 2, 2012   Salon.com (updated below) Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Obama administration, in order to conceal civilian deaths caused by their drone attacks, “counts all […]