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Somalia deportations, MN immigration stories, and other immigration news

At least five Minnesota men were among those scheduled for deportation.

Mary Turck | Dialogue, not demonization – for “rural, white Christians” and others

Many people I knew while growing up and many people I still know in rural, white, Christian America hold diverse viewpoints.

Lies, damn lies, and journalism | Twin Cities Daily Planet

Lies, damn lies, and journalism BY MARY TURCK, NEWS DAY    January 19, 2012    TC Daily Planet Lots of people* have been credited with saying, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.” Doesn’t matter who said it — there are plenty of lies and damn lies to go around, and far […]

Mary Turck> Marv Davidov: 1931-2012 | Twin Cities Daily Planet

Marv Davidov: 1931-2012 BY MARY TURCK, NEWS DAY January 14, 2012  Twin Cities Daily Planet Not all the good die young. Some are tough old birds, speaking out and singing loudly all the way to the end. Peace and justice advocate Marv Davidov was one of the good ones. He died on January 14, 80 […]

The Mall of Un-American, by Mary Turck, and MPR article

Mall of America visitors unknowingly end up in counterterrorism reports (MPR article—see below) September 7, 2011  TC Daily Planet The Mall of Un-American, BY MARY TURCK, NEWS DAY   You are sitting on a bench in a mall, waiting for a friend to join you. As you wait, you write in a notebook, look around at other people, check […]