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Matt Ehling: The Marv Davidov files | A life under surveillance

Ehling: Among Twin Cities peace activists, Marv Davidov was a long-time fixture. A proponent of nonviolent direct action, Davidov was heavily involved in the civil-rights movement and later actively opposed the Vietnam War through protests and pickets. Starting in the late 1960s, his anti-war activism focused on the Honeywell Corp. — then a Minneapolis-based armaments manufacturer.

Carol Masters: Land Mines

This area was a hot spot for both manufacturing of the weapons and protests against them. A group of protesters in front of the Alliant Tech plant in Hopkins. Photo: BRIAN PETERSON • Star Tribune file 1996. Star/Tribune  July 3, 2014 Thank you for the June 28 article on the tiny steps the Obama administration is taking to More

Mary Turck> Marv Davidov: 1931-2012 | Twin Cities Daily Planet

Marv Davidov: 1931-2012 BY MARY TURCK, NEWS DAY January 14, 2012  Twin Cities Daily Planet Not all the good die young. Some are tough old birds, speaking out and singing loudly all the way to the end. Peace and justice advocate Marv Davidov was one of the good ones. He died on January 14, 80 More

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