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▶ Mike Gravel to Senator Mark Udall: Make Full Torture Probe Public Like I Did with Pentagon Papers

Published on Dec 16, 2014 http://democracynow.org – On the Senate floor last week, outgoing Democratic Sen. Mark Udall called for a purge of top CIA officials implicated in the torture program and cover-up, including current Director John Brennan. But as he enters the final days of his Senate term, Udall is facing calls to take […]

Tevor Timm: Everyone should know just how much the government lied to defend the NSA

A web of deception has finally been untangled: the Justice Department got the US supreme court to dismiss a case that could have curtailed the NSA’s dragnet. Why? It turns out neither of two statements that held up in the nation’s highest court were true – but it took Snowden’s historic whistleblowing to prove it. […]

Dan Froomkin, The Intercept. The Inverse of Oversight: CIA Spies On Congress

“The consistent theme is that members of Congress are finding themselves at an ever-increasing disadvantage when it comes to even finding out what intelligence agencies are doing — not to mention reining them in.” By Dan Froomkin  The Intercept  5 Mar 2014 Top intelligence officials testifying before the Senate intelligence committee in Jan. 2014. (AP File […]

Coleen Rowley: Torture Doesn’t Work. Law Does Work. Why Keep That Secret?!

The Senate Intelligence investigation reportedly demolishes the CIA claims about the value of the brutal interrogation tactics the Bush administration approved. Coleen Rowley  12/20/2013  Huffington Post Most Americans do not know that their government engaged in practices that the civilized world considers war crimes. This lack of awareness is due, in part, to the fact that […]

RT> Senators terrified with abuse of Patriot Act’s secret laws

Senators terrified with abuse of Patriot Act’s secret laws opednews.com   March 18, 2012   RT U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (AFP Photo / Chip Somodevilla) Horrified with the way the US government uses the Patriot Act against its own people, two senators have been trying to make these practices public for years. Tired of being ignored, […]

Occupy protesters underwhelmed after meeting with senator’s staff

Occupy protesters underwhelmed after meeting with senator’s staff Miranda Leitsinger/msnbc.com Members of the Occupy movement from North Carolina ventured to Washington, D.C., for Occupy Congress. Front row left to right: Moises Serrano, Giovanna Hurtado, Amanda Porter-Cox. Back row left to right: William Murphy, Jon Ashley, Tony Ndege By Miranda Leitsinger   msnbc.com For Occupy protester […]