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Video: 7 months of bombing: NATO war in Libya>Interview with Sara Flounders>RT

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahOMFndldFU&w=420&h=315] Uploaded by RussiaToday on Sep 29, 2011 Anti-Gaddafi fighters have taken control of the airport in the fugutive Colonel's hometown of Sirte, the last stronghold of his loyalists. Reinforcements have been called in ahead of a fresh assault, in the face of stiff resistance. Civilians continue to flee the violence in the besieged city, blaming NATO More

Libya: demonization and self-determination, by Sara Flounders

Libya: demonization and self-determination By Sara Flounders,  
Co-Director, International Action Center www.iacenter.org/africa/libya072211/      Jul 21, 2011 If you went to a shopping center, a street corner or a graduate school of a top university in the U.S. and conducted a pop quiz asking who are the kings or crown princes of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and Bahrain; More

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