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Henry A. Giroux: Beyond the Spectacle of Neoliberal Misery and Violence in the Age of Terrorism

The quest to merely survive is now legitimated through spectacles of violence that misdirect moral and political outrage into entertainment and the abyss of a moral coma. Instead of responding to crises with the desire to correct a wrong and reimagine a different future, all that appears to be left in American culture is the desire to merely survive in the face of endless representations of state and non-state violence.

Polly Mann> Cuban doctors heroic work in Haiti

Cuban doctors heroic work in Haiti by Polly Mann    Published February 5, 2012 Cuba is still under U.S. applied sanctions, but this hasn't prevented its doctors from saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. A particularly spectacular operation has been in Haiti, a victim of hurricane Katrina as well as a victim More

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