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US Government-Funded News Network Ran a Hit Piece on Soros That Called Him a “Multimillionaire Jew”

The taxpayer-subsidized video portrays Soros as a threat to Latin American democracy. Featuring ominous music and images of street violence, the 15-minute video begins with the narration: “George Soros has his eye on Latin America.

A Tribute to Robert Parry: Independent Journalism at Its Best

Bob believed deeply in journalism, both as a vital force for shaping the world and as a moral imperative.

Noam Chomsky | Can We Save Our Democracy and History! (Video)

Chomsky on the media, labor movement, education, immigrants, racism, and current politics.

▶ An interview with Alexa O’Brien re Manning, WikiLeaks, and the U.S. government

Photo typischich.at An interview with Alexa O’Brien, who documented and researched, as an independent journalist, the entire Bradley (Chelsea) Manning trial and its wider context of a US inter-agency prosecution of WikiLeaks. Metahaven 2013. Produced in collaboration with Bureau Europa.  Editor’s Comment:  This video, recorded August 21, 2013, is full of information about the trial […]

Glenn Greenwald> Dog-training the press corps

Dog-training the press corps Journalists who heap the most lavish praise on the White House are rewarded with the most valuable treats BY GLENN GREENWALD     April 30, 2012      Salon.com President Obama laughs at the White House Correspondents Association annual dinner in Washington on Saturday. (Credit: Reuters/Larry Downing) David Ignatius, The Washington Post, December 26, 2010: […]

Lies, damn lies, and journalism | Twin Cities Daily Planet

Lies, damn lies, and journalism BY MARY TURCK, NEWS DAY    January 19, 2012    TC Daily Planet Lots of people* have been credited with saying, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.” Doesn’t matter who said it — there are plenty of lies and damn lies to go around, and far […]