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Global Research | The Truth About North Korea

Russia and China urge diplomacy to resolve a deepening crisis. They want tensions defused.

Bruce Gagnon: Militarization of America— We’ve Become a Failed State

Gagnon: The German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht spoke about the ‘liberals’ in his country collapsing during the rise of Hitler and Nazism. They meekly surrendered and betrayed the public trust. In the US most liberals still believe that they are just one election away from turning things around.

Robert Sheer: The Super Bowl of War — Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan

By Robert Scheer  truthdig.com  February 3, 2014   Lt. Chuck Nadd and his girlfriend wave as they ride on the wagon pulled by Clydesdales aboard the famously-red Budweiser beer wagon in a parade, led by a marching band in Winter Park, Fla. The brewer fashioned an ad around the parade that ran during the Super Bowl. (AP […]

Rivera Sun: The Changing Times: Reflecting On Fugitive Philosopher Katherine Ann Power

I am thirty-one years old now. The NSA has records of the phone calls of my entire adult life. The Supreme Court – not the people, not the Electoral College – appointed Bush, Jr. in my first presidential election. There has been a major catastrophic oil spill every five to ten years of my life. […]

SPEAK NOW! or the Drones Killings Will Continue!

SPEAK NOW! or the Drones Killings Will Continue! Posted on July 11, 2012 by comehomeamerica Stolen directly from Joe Scarry’s Scarry Thoughts blog. On Sunday, the New York Times Magazine published an unsensational profile of the drone pilot training facility at Holloman Air Force Base, in New Mexico (“The Drone Zone” by Mark Mazzetti). It’s important to recognize that the press gets access […]