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Lynching the Past, by Chris Hedges

It is only by confronting the past that we can end the perpetuation of these crimes in other forms.

American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism. Project Censored interviews Henry A. Giroux.

As white supremacy, ultra-nationalism, rabid misogyny and anti-immigrant fervor coalesce, a new and uniquely American form of fascism looms…

Chris Hedges | James Baldwin and the Meaning of Whiteness

Whiteness is a dangerous concept. It is not about skin color. It is not even about race. It is about the willful blindness used to justify white supremacy.

Susan Searls Giroux: Introducing David Theo Goldberg’s “Sites of Race”

Susan Giroux: The racial fissures that have split US society migrate globally, translate locally and return with a vengeance. We live, thus, in a moment marked by widespread confusion over the meaning and political significance of race, both within and outside of the academy [i.e., academia].