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The Intercept: Trial and Terror and the Threat of White Supremacist Terrorism

Today, the terror threat from far-right white supremacists is the terror threat that dare not speak its name. Leading conservatives, and even some liberals, are keen to downplay the danger that they pose and to divert and deflect attention away from homegrown white extremists and toward what President Trump likes to call “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Video> Thom Hartmann> NYPD spying on Muslims turns up 0 leads after 6 years!

NYPD spying on Muslims turns up 0 leads after 6 years! Racism in America Published on Aug 22, 2012 by TheBigPictureRT Gadeir Abbas, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) joins Thom Hartmann. Despite spying on Muslims in New York City for 6 years – the NYPD has yet to turn up a solid lead on any threat from […]