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Steve Clemens Daily Journal From Iraq> Days 1 to 12 (Nov. 9-20, 2012)

Steve Clemens has returned to Iraq. The last time he visited was 10 years ago.  Here are his experiences and impressions. The links to Steve’s blog are below.  Rather than publish the articles, I have included links to his blog for all.  Photos are included in these articles on Mennonista. Back in Iraq  Day One: Back in […]

Sami Rasouli> How about a warmer welcome?

How about a warmer welcome? Article by: SAMI RASOULI   Updated: May 23, 2012 – 10:21 PM Star/Tribune Iraqis who seek to visit the U.S. find that visas are delayed or denied. It was with apprehension that I took my wife and young son, Omar, to the United States embassy in Baghdad not long ago. I […]

A Message to Hillary from an Iraqi Doctor> Steve Clemens

A Message to Hillary from an Iraqi Doctor A Warning to Secretary Clinton: Economic Sanctions Kill the Innocent Steve Clemens    November 1, 2011    Mennonista I sat across the table from my new friend, Dr. Ali, an Iraqi Radiologist who was visiting Minneapolis as part of the Sister City delegation from Najaf, Iraq. We […]