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Sign by Coleen Rowley

Iraqi Voices | Iraqi Art Project: Iraqi’s in Minnesota (Short Videos)

In Their Own Voices: A series of short videos by and of Iraqi’s in Minnesota, sponsored by the Iraq and American Reconciliation Project and filmed in 2012 through 2014. Media for the people!  Bringing you the best of the alternative media and original articles and videos.  Click here to help by learning more about Rise Up Times, spreading […]

Sami Rasouli Interview: “In Terms of Destroying Iraq, It’s ‘Mission Accomplished'”

The current president of the U.S., Obama, when he ran for an office back in 2008, he was calling this war “the wrong war,” and everybody was expecting, when he’d be an office, he will pull the troops from Iraq immediately. But what’s happened, 30,000 troops only were pulled out in 2009 and sent to […]