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William O. Beeman: Does Iran Have the Right to Enrich Uranium? The Answer Is Yes

Iran claims that it has the inalienable right to enrich uranium as guaranteed in the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) to which it is a signatory.    By William O. Beeman  10/31/2013  HuffingtonPost.com Now that serious talks with Iran over its nuclear program are underway, one seemingly insurmountable issue is whether Iran has the right to More

Margaret Sullivan, NYT: A Blow for the Press, and for Democracy

Sometimes James Risen feels like Jean Valjean, the beleaguered protagonist of “Les Miserables,” hounded for years by the authorities. By MARGARET SULLIVAN  July 27, 2013  New York Times James Risen. Photo NewsBusters “They just keep coming at me,” Mr. Risen, a Times reporter in Washington, told me by phone last week. It has been 10 More

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