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Where Movements Meet: Black Lives Matter Organizers Visit #NoDAPL

One of the most important things I did there was listen. I learned an incredible amount in a short period of time, mostly through storytelling. I listened to stories from Native youth about their everyday lives -- growing up on reservations and small towns and big cities across the country. I learned about ancestral histories and the many conflicts that Indigenous Nations set aside to come together to protect the water, and that this is the largest gathering of Indigenous Nations since 1973.

Malia Burkhart> 99 or One

99 or One By Malia Burkhart   February 23, 2012   99 or One  At the “Occupy Re-Gathering” this past weekend, the facilitator told us to raise our hands if we are part of the 99%. (which I did)…. then, as a joke, the facilitator asked us to raise our hands if we are part More

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