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OPOL: The Humanitarian Left

Being as how we are a social species, I believe we have solemn responsibilities to one another. I believe it is our duty to take proper care of each other. Why wouldn’t it be? What else is a society good for?     by OPOL  The Humanitarian Left   June 2014 I think of myself as being part of […]

Peter Phillips> Cuba Sets a Global Example for the Achievements of Socialism

Cuba Sets a Global Example for the Achievements of Socialism By Peter Phillips (about the author)   February 21, 2012   opednews.com In an all-day conference, February 10, 2012, some 120 authors, professors, and journalists, from dozens of Caribbean, American and African countries, met with Fidel Castro. Those attending were invited participants for the Intellectual Encounters for Peace and the […]

Video: NATO massacre in Zlitan, Libya, August the 8th/9th 2011

NATO massacre in Zlitan, August the 8th/9th 2011 Uploaded by stopnatowarinlibya on Aug 12, 2011 via Diane Johnstone A large number of casualties occurred in the city of Zliten, in the district of Misurata. In Zliten, 85 people were killed including 33 children, 32 women, and 20 men as a result of NATO’s deliberate targeting […]