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Coleen Rowley> Senator Webb Challenges Obama’s Humanitarian Interventionism

Senator Webb Challenges Obama’s Humanitarian Interventionism Posted on Democratic Underground by annm4peace Thank goodness that Senator Webb and House Rep. Jones are challenging Obama’s (and Samantha Power’s) “humanitarian intervention” powers. The irony is that the (former military official who is no dove) Senator Webb has to challenge the (non-military experienced) executive’s unbridled power to wage “preventive […]

Mary Beaudoin> The Myth of Humanitarian Intervention

Mary Beaudoin> The Myth of Humanitarian Intervention [Editor’s Note: This article is taken from a talk given by Mary Beaudoin at the forum, “The Myth of Humanitarian Intervention,” sponsored by the WAMM Middle East Committee on May 9, 2012 in St. Paul, Minnesota.] Leaders have always sought ways to justify wars to the public. They […]

Meredith Aby> Anti-war activists speak out against intervention in Syria

Anti-war activists speak out against intervention in Syria By Meredith Aby | May 14, 2012    FightbackNews St. Paul, MN – Forty people gathered at Cahoots Coffee Shop May 9th to hear from anti-war speakers at a program entitled “Syria: The Myth of Humanitarian Intervention,” organized by the Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) Mideast Committee. […]

Polly Mann> Syria: The Next Move on the Chess Board

Polly Mann> Syria: The Next Move on the Chess Board  By Polly Mann     WAMM Newsletter      May 2012  Although it would seem unlikely that in international affairs the US government would operate with one set strategy, its behavior indicates it does. So while it might appear that the recent conflict in Libya […]