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What’s on Polly Mann’s Mind? Shame on the Congress

“If people would refuse to support, fund, kill, or participate in the process, there would be no war. We need to reset and have a fresh start.”

OPOL: The Humanitarian Left

Being as how we are a social species, I believe we have solemn responsibilities to one another. I believe it is our duty to take proper care of each other. Why wouldn’t it be? What else is a society good for?     by OPOL  The Humanitarian Left   June 2014 I think of myself as being part of […]

Cartoon: Making A Point

(Click to enlarge) dailykos.com   June 18, 2014 Relevant article showing photos of the London spikes here. Apparently the number of homeless there is increasing: Katharine Sacks-Jones, head of policy and campaigns at Crisis, said: “This is happening in a context where rough sleeping has gone up massively. Over the last three years rough sleeping has risen […]