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William Pfaff. The Obama Method: Combine Threats With Accommodation

From the start it has been difficult to interpret foreign policy as Barack Obama envisages it. The reason, so far as I can see, is that he has always been a man of American domestic affairs and of law, his profession. By William Pfaff  truthdig.com  Feb 25, 2014 White House/Pete Souza The Obama government has taken a Cold […]

Robert Sheer: The Super Bowl of War — Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan

By Robert Scheer  truthdig.com  February 3, 2014   Lt. Chuck Nadd and his girlfriend wave as they ride on the wagon pulled by Clydesdales aboard the famously-red Budweiser beer wagon in a parade, led by a marching band in Winter Park, Fla. The brewer fashioned an ad around the parade that ran during the Super Bowl. (AP […]

Greg Palast> Now that the SOB is dead…” Novel Idea: Asking an Afghan about Afghanistan

“I am moved to recount a bit of my lengthy talk with the Afghan minister after reading reams of meretricious bunkum about Afghanistan from the pens of US propaganda repeaters pretending to be reporters.” By Greg Palast for Vice Magazine Friday, 10. May 2013  GregPalast.com “Now that the sonovabitch is dead, why is the US still angry […]

Buddy Bell> Backwards Intentions> Afghanistan and Honduras

Backwards Intentions> Afghanistan and Honduras  By Buddy Bell   August 31, 2012   VCNV I’ll always remember a scene from my second day in Afghanistan, when 16-year-old Abdulhai asked me a question, in English. “Is this your first time in a backward country?” I could see at the time that his comment was spoken from a place […]

Jess Sundin> Is the War in Afghanistan “Humanitarian Intervention”?

Is the War in Afghanistan “Humanitarian Intervention”? The fact is, war cannot liberate women. In reality, that was never a real goal of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. . . . By the same token, democracy cannot be delivered at gunpoint. By Jess Sundin   August 22, 2012 Editor’s Note: This speech is one of […]