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Norman Solomon: Editorial Position of the New York Times, Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter

 In the morally skewed universe that the Times editorial board evidently inhabits and eagerly promulgates, Hamas intends to “terrorize” Israeli citizens while Israel merely intends to accomplish military objectives by dropping thousands of tons of bombs on Palestinian people in Gaza. By NormanSolomon  Daily Kos  July 23, 2014 [This post was co-written by Abba Solomon, the […]

▶ Jeremy Scahill On U.S. Media Coverage Of Israel-Gaza Conflict: ‘We’ve Hit All-Time Lows’

 “You don’t see this on American television.” Watch the video here. HuffPost Live  | By Chris Branch  Posted: 07/24/2014 11:04 am EDT Updated: 07/24/2014 11:59 am EDT Jeremy Scahill joined HuffPost Live on Wednesday to discuss his expose for the Intercept on the way the U.S. government handles its terrorist watchlist database. During the interview, host Alyona […]

Phillip Weiss: Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media

“Perhaps most important, the vast majority of Gazans cannot leave Gaza. They live under restrictions that make this narrow coastal strip, which the United Nations considers occupied by Israel, unlike anywhere else.” Philip Weiss   Mondoweiss.net   July 21, 2014  Bernard Avishai terms the Israeli attack a “war crime” in the New Yorker It’s happening: we are […]

Nafeez Ahmed: Gaza, Israel’s $4 billion gas grab

Never mind the ‘war on terror’ rhetoric, writes Nafeez Ahmed. The purpose of Israel’s escalating assault on Gaza is to control the Territory’s 1.4 trillion cubic feet of gas – and so keep Palestine poor and weak, gain massive export revenues, and avert its own domestic energy crisis. Nafeez Ahmed    theecologist.org  18th July 2014 […]

Chris Hedges: Israel Is Captive to Its ‘Destructive Process’

The belief that a race or class is contaminated is used by ruling elites to justify quarantining the people of that group. But quarantine is only the first step. By Chris Hedges   truthdig.com   July  14, 2014   Palestinians salvage what they can of their belongings from the rubble of a house destroyed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza […]

David Starr> Opposing Israeli Ultra-nationalism is not Anti-Semitism

Opposing Israeli Ultra-nationalism is not Anti-Semitism “International criticism coming from United Nations organizations, non-government organizations, Jewish and Arab activists, human rights groups include: illegal occupation and settlements, second class segregation toward Palestinians, assassinations (the Israeli Left called it ‘gangster behavior’), imprisonment, torture, not allowing its nuclear facilities to have safeguards; in turn, discarding the idea […]

Kathy Kelly> Truth and Trauma in Gaza

Truth and Trauma in Gaza    “Due to simple racism and a jingoistic eagerness to get in line with U.S. military policy, Western commentators ignore the bombardment of Gazan neighborhoods which has caused thousands of casualties over just the past few years.” by Kathy Kelly  December 1, 2012 Dr. T., a medical doctor, is a […]

Richard Falk> The Gaza Ceasefire: An Early Assessment

The Gaza Ceasefire: An Early Assessment “There exists a revealing gap between the U.S. insistence all along that Israel’s use of force was fully justified because every country has the right to defend itself and the ceasefire text that placed restrictions on future violence as being applicable to both sides. After the ceasefire, the United States […]

Richard Becker> Gaza Ceasefire: Palestine Holds Strong in the Face of U.S.-Backed Israeli Terror

Gaza Ceasefire: Palestine Holds Strong in the Face of U.S.-Backed Israeli Terror “While Israel withdrew its settlers and bases from Gaza in 2005, it has kept the area surrounded and blockaded ever since. As result, half of all school children are malnourished and two-thirds of infants are anemic. Eighty percent of Gaza’s population are refugees […]

Global Research> War In Gaza: Why Now? Election Politics?

War In Gaza: Why Now? Election Politics? “A continued prayer for peace. No one gains from violence.” By Washington’s Blog Global Research, November 16, 2012 Region: Middle East & North Africa Theme: US NATO War Agenda In-depth Report: IRAN: THE NEXT WAR?,PALESTINE It was widely reported that Israel agreed to delay any war against Iran until after U.S. elections. A little over […]

Glenn Greenwald> Stop pretending the US is an uninvolved, helpless party in the Israeli assault on Gaza

Stop pretending the US is an uninvolved, helpless party in the Israeli assault on Gaza The Obama administration’s unstinting financial, military and diplomatic support for Israel is a key enabling force in the conflict Glenn Greenwald   guardian.co.uk, Saturday 17 November 2012 12.20 EST A Palestinian man carries a wounded child at a hospital following an Israeli […]

Meher Ahmad> How Israel Is Winning the Hashtag War in Gaza

How Israel Is Winning the Hashtag War in Gaza by Meher Ahmad  Published on Friday, November 16, 2012 by The Progressive via Common Dreams As the war between Gaza and Israel heightens to levels unseen since the devastating Operation Cast Lead, the competing narratives behind the conflict have reached a new platform: social media. The war between hashtags embodies […]

Israeli Intransigence On Palestine Isolating Both The U.S. And Israel

Israeli Intransigence On Palestine Isolating Both The U.S. And Israel Thursday, November 24th, 2011 | Posted by Sherwood Ross     by Sherwood Ross  The U.S. and Israel “now looked trapped together, weakened and dangerously isolated” during the Arab Spring over Israel’s intransigence on statehood for Palestine, an article in The New Yorker magazine charges. “A more creative Israel would […]

Freedom Flotilla II: posted on Facebook by Kathy Kelly

Message in a Bottle Posted by Kathy Kelly yesterday on her Facebook page.