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When Wars Come Home

When Wars Come Home “A warrior society values its armed forces as heroic protectors of freedom, sending a message that the use of guns is morally essential.” By Charles Derber and Yale Magrass  Tuesday, 19 February 2013  Truthout | Op-Ed Police officers at a checkpoint during the manhunt Christopher Dorner, an ex-Los Angeles cop accused of three killings, […]

Michael Moore> Video, “Americans Kill People” – Newtown and the US Culture of Violence

Published on Dec 18, 2012 DemocracyNow.org – We play an excerpt of an address by the legendary filmmaker Michael Moore delivered just hours after the Newtown massacre. Moore who won an Academy Award for his 2002 documentary, “Bowling For Columbine,” about gun violence in the United States. He discussed the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre at […]

Enough vagueness. We want gun control.

Eloquent Words Are No Enough. Vague statements about “meaningful action” aren’t good enough.  Please join with others around the country to demand effective gun control now.  Not Senseless, Not Random: The Deadly Mix of Race, Guns & Madness RootsAction Team, RootsAction.org* <> December 14, 2012 | All of us share in President Obama’s statement Friday […]