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Noam Chomsky: US Is the World Leader in Spreading Destruction and Misery

Despite Obama’s noble words, America has imposed vicious dictatorships and supported horrendous crime America’s leading intellectual, Professor Noam Chomsky. (photo: MIT) By Noam Chomsky  08 October 13  ReaderSupportedNews.org This article originally appeared in Alternet.org he recent Obama-Putin tiff over American exceptionalism reignited an ongoing debate over the Obama Doctrine: Is the president veering toward isolationism? […]

Nukes Are Nuts

Nuclear weapons are justified by their possessors for nuclear deterrence, but nuclear deterrence is only a hypothesis about human behavior.  By David Krieger  Saturday, 03 August 2013  Truthout | Opinion (Photo: US Government / Flickr) When asked by a reporter why nuclear weapons are useless, Colin Powell, former US secretary of state and four-star general said: “Because they’re such horrible […]