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The Guardian: UN report calls for independent investigations of drone attacks

Special rapporteur on human rights says states have obligation to launch inquiries into attacks that kill civilians Ewen MacAskill and Owen Bowcott   theguardian.com   10 March 2014 A US drone in Kandahar. The report found that drone attacks in Afghanistan no longer caused fewer civilian casualties than other air strikes. Photograph: Massoud Hossaini/AFP/Getty Images A report by the United Nations Human […]

The Corbett Report: Mimi Al Laham (“Syrian Girl”) Breaks Down the Geneva II Syrian “Peace” Talks

Mimi Al Laham (aka “Syrian Girl”) joins us once again to discuss the latest round of Syrian peace negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland. We talk about what Syria hopes to accomplish with the talks, where we can expect negotiations to go from here, the chemical weapons disarmament issue, and questions about Al Qaeda’s relation to the […]

Which Side Are We On? NYT, U.S and Cluster Bombs

Which Side Are We On? NYT, U.S and Cluster Bombs Peter Hart     11/28/2011     FAIR International efforts to ban cluster bombs fell apart late last week. If you were reading about this in the New York Times, you might have been led to believe that the United States was pushing to get rid of the weapons–instead of […]