Winona Frac Sand Trial: The Verdict Comes In, The Struggle Continues

Putting Our Fate Into The Hands Of The Jurors Steve Clemens handcuffed Day 4 of Frac Sand Protest Trial - Part 1  By Steve Clemens  Mennonista  Feb 6, 2014 At 9 AM the jury was seated and defense witnesses continued their testimony. Veteran activist and Catholic Worker farmer, Mike Miles was the thirteenth defendant to More

Bill McKibben and Mike Tidwell: A Big Fracking Lie

President Obama isn’t just not fixing climate change—he’s making it worse. By BILL MCKIBBEN and MIKE TIDWELL  January 21, 2014 If you want to know just how bad an idea it is for America to ship “fracked” natural gas to overseas markets, travel the 65 miles from the White House to a place called More

Steve Clemens: Sand Frac Trial in Winona MN

When Law Becomes An IdolBy Steve Clemens  Feb. 3, 2014  MinnonistaRelated Galleries> Photo Gallery: Frac Sand Protests (4/29/13)   Thirty-five people were arrested for trespassing during a large protest against frac sand Monday morning staged at two separate locations in Winona.  April 29, 2013Day 1 of Frac Sand Trial in Winona, MN"I don't have an opinion about More

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