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Nozomi Hayase: WikiLeaks’ “Mediastan”; The True Fifth Estate Bringing the First Amendment to the World

"Freedom of Speech is a truly liberational force in the world. It allows us to challenge, and if necessary, reject or dismantle official narratives and structures. It frees thoughts and feelings from the governance of state and corporate power."    By Nozomi Hayase  Sunday, 03 November 2013  Truthout.org | Film Review     (Image: Journeyman Pictures)Mediastan is a documentary film that More

Game of drones

Game of drones What are the implications of US news outlets concealing the truth about drones in the interest of national security?  Listening Post Last Modified: 16 Feb 2013 Aljazeera English View the video here. (informative on the media and drones) Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, have crept into modern warfare as quietly as More

Lindsay Byerstein> The Myth of the Fourth Estate?

The Myth of the Fourth Estate? BY LINDSAY BEYERSTEIN      April 10, 2012     In These Times Gregory Shaya has an essay on the Lapham's Quarterly blog about what he calls the myth of the Fourth Estate. Therein, he rejects both the romantic assumption that an uncensored press is all we need for a free society and More

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