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Before George Floyd—Dred Scott in Minnesota

“In 1857, on March 6th, Dred Scott was found to be “not a person.” This finding by the Supreme Court of the United States was ridiculed inside the country and abroad.”

Susu Jeffrey: Can an “inconvenient law” protect the sacred Coldwater Spring?

Jeffrey: Neither the state, nor a unit of metropolitan government, nor a political subdivision of the state may take any action that may diminish the flow of water to or from Camp Coldwater Springs.

▶ Democracy Now! Ferguson Protests Erupt Near Grave of Ex-Slave Dred Scott, Whose Case Helped Fuel U.S. Civil War

Many people don’t know that for a time, Dred Scott lived in Fort Snelling, where he met and married his wife, Harriet Robinson. Full story: MSR News (MN Spokesman Recorder) Published on Aug 18, 2014   http://www.democracynow.org – Just miles away from the scene of the protests in Ferguson lies the grave of Dred Scott […]

Video> ‘Star Dreamer’ filmmaker Sheldon Wolfchild> Dakota perspective on pre-war events

‘Star Dreamer’ filmmaker Sheldon Wolfchild: Dakota perspective on pre-war events By Steve Date | 08/17/12   minnpost This is the first of several video reports offering perspectives of the events of 1862 in Minnesota, and the aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota War. MinnPost photo by Steve Date/Medicine Bottle photo courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society.  Documentarian Sheldon P. Wolfchild, […]

Mendota Dakota and the Rebirth of a Community

This documentary film follows the story of the Mendota Dakota, a Native American tribe from Mendota, Minnesota, from pre-Minnesota to the present era. It includes interviews with Jim Anderson, Sharon Lennartson, Jim Albrecht and Doug LeClaire of the Mendota Dakota tribe. It also features a short speech from Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th generation Keeper […]