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THE HONEY TRAP: The FBI Used an Undercover Cop With Pink Hair to Spy on Activists and Manufacture Crimes

"To reveal what happened in Colorado Springs, I obtained search warrant applications, body-camera video from local police assisting the FBI investigation, and recordings of conversations involving federal agents; reviewed hundreds of pages of internal FBI records about Social Media Exploitation, a program federal agents used to monitor racial justice activists nationwide; and interviewed about a dozen activists who were targeted in the federal probe."

Support the Cleveland 4

Support the Cleveland 4 Cleveland 4 Support Committee <http://cleveland4solidarity.org/ August 16, 2012 Supporters of Entrapped Activists Rally Saturday in Solidarity with the Cleveland 4 Group to counter-protest Cleveland Tea Party attacks on defendants and Occupy movement Cleveland, OH* -- A group calling itself the Cleveland 4 Support Committee is planning to demonstrate and hold a More

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