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Fascism Here We Come: the Rise of the Reactionary Right and the Collapse of “The Left”

…much of “the left” – if one could call them that, have turned to increasingly desperate statements and actions in an effort to become relevant again to American politics. 

Urging Millions to Rise Up, Trump Foes Issue Call to ‘Resist Fascism’

Millions must rise up in a resistance [to] stop the Trump/Pence regime before it starts!

Fascist America: Have We Finally Turned The Corner?

Fascist America: Have We Finally Turned The Corner? By Sara Robinson     May 1, 2012      AlterNet The author offers one of her periodic assessments of America’s potential to go fascist. And the news is better than it’s been in years. Photo Credit: JoelInSouthernCA America has never been without fascist wannabes. Research by Political Research Associates […]