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Henry Giroux: America Radiates Violence: Challenging the Politics of Isolated Incidents

Pandemic of violence: f we want a real debate about violence, it is crucial to understand it as part of a larger social order that enacts the abandonment of public goods, health care for all, basic social provisions, democratic values and democracy itself.

Cost of War Trade offs> Taxpayers in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District will pay $317.7 million for Afghanistan war spending for FY2012 Enacted.

Trade-Offs, Cost of War Do you want to know the Trade offs for your state, your city, your Congressional District? Go to CostofWar.com and select Trade Offs. Taxpayers in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District will pay $317.7 million for Afghanistan war spending for FY2012 Enacted. For the same amount of money, the following could be provided: 151,124 Annual Energy Costs […]

Diane Steen-Hinderlie> Indefensible Authorizations> Call today. Take action against the NDAA

Indefensible Authorizations Information from CSFR and Veterans for Peace on making phone calls to Senators and the President is below. The title of a recent business section article was “Enron’s fall is a lesson we still can’t seem to learn.” That could be echoed by “A WWII lesson we still can’t seem to learn,” regarding […]