Peter Hart: Leaving Beltway Journalism, Revealing Its Shortcomings

By Peter Hart  FAIR BLOG  March 04, 2014 Robert Kaiser (cc photo: Aspen Institute) Veteran journalist Robert Kaiser is leaving the Washington Post–and, for that matter, the city–and he wrote a farewell of sorts in the Post  (2/28/14). In it, he revealed one of his frustrations as a Beltway journalist: that the "rules" of elite journalism do not allow one to call More

Coulda, woulda, shoulda coverage of antiwar protests

Coulda, woulda, shoulda coverage of antiwar protests COMMENTARY | July 25, 2011   Nieman Watchdog Looking back, the Washington Post editor in charge of covering demonstrations says newsworthy stories have been left uncovered. He needn’t feel lonely; The Post has lots of company in ignoring stories of dissent. The New York Times,  for one, has its More

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